About Us

CCapital Ltd. is a unique Investment and Business Solutions firm specializing in Locating & Developing Startup Ventures and Companies.  Established in 1998, by  Teddy Nehmad, CCapital has over a decade of proven and successful experience in the Venture Capital & Investment market.  Furthermore, CCapital identified and established a new niche in the of Business Development field – A Holistic Approach to budding entrepreneurs, seedling ventures and Startups.

It is our mission to Support, Nurture and Grow the dreamers and the dreams, from Concept to Fruition. We tailor our involvement with our clients and partners based on their specific and individual needs, as well as per the requirements of their respective fields of operation.

CCapital’s Business Solution Services include:

  • Outreach Program via participation in Seminars, Lectures and Trade Shows.
  • Establishing the Entrepreneur’s or Founder’s specific needs.
  • Market Research, Concept Validation & Patent Studies.
  • Writing, Editing and Translation of Business & Marketing material.
  • In House Patent Writing.
  • Networking – Business and Personal Connections.
  • Board of Directors.
  • Road Shows – Including Preparation and Active Involvement.
  • Follow up, including Operational and Business Management.
  • Domestic and International Affiliates – Business, Legal, Technological.

Our In house and outsource partners include:

  • Patent Writers.
  • Researches & Information Specialists.
  • Legal Consultants.
  • Technological Experts.
  • Accountants and Financial Advisors.

We have at our disposal a dedicated group of Angels and Private Investors which we reserve for unique and revolutionary startups where time to market is an essence.

CCapital, Where Your Growth is Our Interest.

Your Idea is Our Business

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