Baruch Schreiber

Capital Funds & Investor Relations

Mr. Schreiber balances a productive schedule, as Capital Funds Expert with CCapital Ltd. His professional experience includes 20 years in business development and raising capital.  Originally from the U.S, he worked for some of Israel’s most distinguished consulting firms, including an executive position, at the corporate finance department of Deloitte, where he was responsible for raising capital for start-ups.

He has held managerial positions in numerous Israeli start-ups and industrial companies. Mr. Schreiber is a director in several Israeli public companies.

Mr. Schreiber is personally responsible for raising 10s of M$ from financial institutes, corporate and angels in Israel, Europe and the USA for clients that range from USA based hedge funds through Israeli publicly traded companies such as Ness Technologies and Kardan Israel and numerous Israeli start-ups.

Mr. Schreiber holds a B.A in Economics and Management from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a MSc. in Finance from The Zicklin School of Business at the City University of New York.

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