Assisiting startups right from the start

Start-up entrepreneurs, innovators, inventors - CCapital is here for you when and where it matters most – Our goal is to provide assistance, guidance and support.
For early stages investors (pre-seed, seed, angel), your investments coupled with CCapital's unique and comprehensive methodology significantly increase the venture's success rate. Our extensive contacts network, spanning a wide range of fields, enables us to connect entrepreneurs and innovators with potential investors and partners all around the world.


Our unique methodology executed by our professional team

We in CCapital belive in Hands on approach and includes face to face meetings with our Startup Support Team during the various phases of the venture, from concept to assistance in securing investments and management. Some of the services we provide to budding startups are: business materials required for establishing and running a tech based startup venture: Business Plans, White Papers, Executive Summaries, Presentations, Financial Plans. Branding and Marketing, market research, feasibility studies, Legal counsel, patent consultation, business consultation and many more.


Connecting innovators all around the world

CCapital has vast experiences establishing and managing of accelerators and incubators in Israel and abroad where we Implemented our proven methodology as an integral element of managing these accelerators and incubators. Our wide network of international contacts allows us to provide the assistance innovators and startups require. An example to our global activity can be seen in HP partnering with CCapital to establish and run an international accelerator program.